Hey, I sometimes blog about my side-projects and thoughts & feelings about different topics relating to the design and tech field. This does not get regular updates, but since I love writing I will do my best to write as often as I can. 

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Growing my newsletter to 100 subscribers – my journey so far.

Anyone who has read my first blog post will notice that I'm a fan of content curation (and curating my newsletter). That is the reason why I am working on my latest project. I introduced it to you in my first blog post. Desingsupplies is a curated resource website for designers and creative minds. Read more in my previous blog post.


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Time to kill my side-project and start a new one

In order to constantly challenge myself and my creativity, I spend a lot of time working on various side-projects. One of these projects was dyfemgazine.com. Yeah, you've read it right, it "was" dyfemagazine.com, because now it's time to shut that side-project down and start a new one.