Hey, I sometimes blog about my side-projects and thoughts & feelings about different topics relating to the design and tech field. This blog does not get regular updates, but since I love writing I will do my best to write as often as I can. 

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Takeaways from growing and building a (profitable) newsletter to 500 subscribers.

Two weeks ago, the first week of October, I reached an incredible milestone: Creativerly now has over 500 subscribers. Over 500 people who are interested in weekly creativity and productivity-boost. Over 500 people who are willingly signed up for this newsletter to consume the content I create and curate. Not gonna lie, this is an amazing feeling. I am thankful for every single subscriber, for every single email I get from you, and for every single Coffee, I got send (your support means the world to me).


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How the No-Code Movement changed the way we build products.

A term that has caused a sensation over the past year 2019 is definitely no-code. The so-called no-code movement is about people who create websites, apps, and services without writing a single line of code. More and more tools enable non-developers to create complex digital products. Some startups already rely fully on no-code technologies.


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Why you should start working on a side-project right now!

Yes I mean it, start your side-project now. For several years now I have been working on personal side-projects in my free time. In most cases, the ideas for those side-projects came about rather spontaneously. No matter where I am, I always keep a small notebook with me. I use it to write down ideas of this kind so that I can come back to them later. The side-projects I have worked on in recent years were all digital products. This is the most obvious in my case. Some of these projects never saw the daylight.


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Apps and tools I use to boost my productivity and creativity.

Although I rely on a pen and notebook, there are still a few digital tools that I use in my everyday workflow. In the following blog post, I give insights into which tools they are and how I use them in my daily life. I've been looking for the "perfect" productivity app for a long time and I'm still not sure if I found it. I was an Evernote power user until 2018. The app accompanied me on all my devices for a good seven years. But over time it seemed to me that the app would not develop any further. At the same time, however, countless note-taking and productivity apps sprang up. After trying a few things, I finally switched completely from Evernote to Notion in 2018. However, I quickly realized that Notion is not meant for writing notes. Rather, it is an incredible tool for organizing, structuring, planning, etc.


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15 must-read books for 2020.

Three weeks ago we dived into a new decade. As every year I am creating a personal list of must-read books. I write down some books which I definitely want to read this year. Nevertheless, I decided to share with you my list of must-read books for 2020. If you are also looking for some books for the upcoming year, this blog post is for you. Below is a list of my must-read books for the new year. The booklist is not only aimed at designers but generally at all creative minds.


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Searching and finding the best email app.

I like to write emails very often. In other words, due to my projects and my work as a freelancer, it can happen that I write 20 emails in one day. In order to be able to move through my email inbox as quickly as possible, I need a specific tool. A tool that gives me the opportunity to separate important emails from marketing emails and newsletters. In addition, I want to lose as little time as possible during the writing process. On top of that, this tool should also give me a fast experience. Above all, nothing is more annoying for me than waiting several minutes for an email to be loaded or sent. Therefore I started looking for the fastest email experience. I was on the hunt after the best email app.


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Starting and growing a career – 2019 year in review.

Looking back, 2019 was an outstanding year for me. Somebody can say that soon. In this blog post, I take you on a little journey through time. I would like to show you why 2019 was an outstanding year for me. Of course, there were depths for me this year. But in general, I was able to achieve a lot and personally grow very fast.


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My personal google alternatives – you do not need google

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking about privacy and data security on the internet. I am not a big fan of Google but much of my work is relying on a lot of their services. Recently I decided to step out of the Google ecosystem and with this blog post I want to show you, that you can do that too. I went on the hunt after some Google alternatives.


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How I started to build designsupplies – a collection of design resources and tools

In my first blog post, I have already announced my latest side-project, designsupplies, a collection of design resources and tools for creative people. In this update, I'd like to go into a bit more detail on how the idea came about. Likewise, this blog post is also about the status quo of the project.


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Growing my newsletter to 100 subscribers – my journey so far.

Anyone who has read my first blog post will notice that I'm a fan of content curation (and curating my newsletter). That is the reason why I am working on my latest project. I introduced it to you in my first blog post. Desingsupplies is a curated resource website for designers and creative minds. Read more in my previous blog post.


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Time to kill my side-project and start a new one

In order to constantly challenge myself and my creativity, I spend a lot of time working on various side-projects. One of these projects was dyfemgazine.com. Yeah, you've read it right, it "was" dyfemagazine.com, because now it's time to shut that side-project down and start a new one.